“New Year” message

Dear All,

You are receiving this mail since you seem to be in love with the truth. If this is not true of you my apologies for sending it to you. January 1st is the beginning of what is considered the New Year, and nearly everyone is celebrating and wishing others well. It is time to ask how much truth (related to the Eternal One) lies in this celebration. What is being celebrated in the first place? I know that this designated festive season starts with Xmas so-called, but this is a separate matter.  I would here want to call your attention to certain things. For that matter this whole mail is meant for those „…whoever obtained Him, to them [whom] He gives the right to become children of God, to those who are believing in His name, who were begotten, not of bloods, neither of the will of the flesh, neither of the will of a man, but of God „(Jn 1:12-13). (emphasis mine). This is to say that one can only be born anew by the will of GOD. No human intervention is required; not even the „altar call” where the useless „sinners prayers” in the form of confessions are parroted and people declared born-again.

1. Look at the names of the months as they now are, starting with August, then September, October, November and December. Anyone with a simple knowledge of Latin knows quite well that they are named according to the numbers six (sextilis, august), seven (septem), eight (octo), nine (novem) and ten (decem). Are these not clear enough alterations? Since when, for example, is October the 10th month instead of the 8th? Are they fulfilment of what is written in the Scripture of Truth –  „Dan 7:25 And he shall speak [great] words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” (emphasis mine)

2. You will all agree with me that festivals are part of the human race, but when one is asking about this festivity, s/he is quickly told that this is the new year even in the sight of the Almighty GOD, meaning that whatsoever the West ratifies is accepted in the sight of GOD. Some others would say that it is not the new year proper, but modern Christians have made it accepted in the sight of the Father. Since when have we been told to be making such festivities holy and joining in their celebration? Is it not that those who partake of such are conforming themselves to the spirit of the god of this world and neither ”… presenting their bodies as a living sacrifice, … nor transforming themselves by the renewal of their minds”?

3. What I am talking about here does not necessarily agree with what is practised in contemporary Rabbinic Judaism , which majority of „zionist” Christians subscribe to. Rabbinic Judaism is in great error just as modern, farcically Trinitarian and radical Unitarian Christianity, in the fact that they have shifted the new year to September / October together with the rules of postponement. What is by them called the „civil” new year is, at best the New Moon (the Feast of Trumpets) of the Seventh month. It is very clear from Moses that the first of months is Abib (Nisan), which is March-April.

4. For anyone doubting the importance of the Biblical or, should I say, Natural Calendar, those will have to read the book of Revelations again to see that the saints are those who keep the word, the commandments of GOD and the testimony or faith of Jesus the Christ. This has a relevance for the first resurrection, against those parroting they will go to heaven when they die, while others will make it to hell.

5. I therefore implore you to go through the attachment,  choose your language, and then with your Bibles open, check the references to have an insight into the whole matter. The New Year commences based on the conjuction. This is a natural phenomenon, since. The heavens are recounting, rehearsing  the glory of God, And the atmosphere is telling the work of His hands.” (Ps.19:1). The New Year starts with the sanctification of the Temple, for GOD to dwell within – for the believer is the Temple of the Holy Spirit – with more of His power and love. It is not for making resolutions, for „the arm of flesh will fail”.

May the LORD GOD Almighty, the God and Father of the Christ bless you as you read. May He give you a heart to understand, grasp and do His will. Amen.